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GPU-Meta-Storms: Computing the similarities among massive microbial communities using GPU 期刊论文
Paper presented at the Systems Biology, 2013, 期号: 2013.07.19
Authors:  Su, X.;  Wang, X.;  Xu, J.;  Ning, K
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A machine learning framework of functional biomarker discovery for different microbial communities based on metagenomic data. 期刊论文
Systems Biology (ISB), 2012, 期号: 2012
Authors:  Fang, W.;  Chang, X.;  Su, X.;  Xu, J.;  Zhang, D.;  Ning, K.
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Metagenomic  Biomarker  Machine Learning  Relieff  Mrmr  
Parallel-META: A High-Performance Computational Pipeline for Metagenomic Data Analysis 期刊论文
IEEE International Conference on Systems Biology, 2011, 期号: 4
Authors:  Xiaoquan Su;  Jian Xu;  Kang Ning
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An Open-source Collaboration Environment for Metagenomics Research 期刊论文
.IEEE International Conference on eScience, 2011, 期号: 3
Authors:  Su, X.;  Ma, Y.;  Yang, H.;  Chang, X.;  Nan, K.;  Xu, J.;  Ning, K.
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Metagenomics  Collaboration Environment  Data- And Computation-intensive Computing