51573205) 28 Taishan Scholars Climbing Program of Shandong(tspd20150210) 25 51573205 23
"135" Projects Fund of CAS-QIBEBT Director Innovation Foundation 19 51173199 18 Strategic Priority Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(XDA09010105) 17
2010DFA52310) 16 Chinese Academy of Sciences 15 Taishan Scholar Program of Shandong 15
Youth Innovation Promotion Association CAS(2016194) 14 Ministry of Science and Technology of China(2014CB643501 13 National Natural Science Foundation of China(21274161 12
Shandong Taishan Scholarship 12 Program for Innovative Research Cultivation Team in University of Ministry of Education of China(1337304) 11 Qingdao Key Lab of Solar Energy Utilization and Energy Storage Technology 11
Shandong Provincial Natural Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholar, China(JQ201305) 11 Youth Innovation Promotion Association of CAS(2015167) 11 14C1099) 10
51403178) 10 National Natural Science Foundation of China(51373127) 10